Deluxe Lactation White Chocolate


A delicious white chocolate drink designed specifically for breastfeeding and pumping mommies! Good-bye tired old lactation cookies! HELLO indulgence!

Let’s make liquid gold!


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Sweet notes of rich white cocoa mixed with our gorgeously soft brewer’s yeast.

Tried and tested milk-boosting galactagogue masterpiece which promotes the flow of mother’s milk!

Enjoy your Lactation White Chocolate hot or cold. Just what mommy needs to feel spoilt, all while helping mommy boost her supply!

The key active ingredient is brewer’s yeast. The brewer’s yeast delivers a boost of essential B vitamins and trace minerals, which specifically aid in combatting postpartum depression, by boosting immunity, and beautifying hair, nails and skin.

Lactation Drinks deliver the extra breastfeeding calories we need to ensure our bodies have the required nutrients to nourish our babies.


We suggest commencing with two drinks a day to boost supply and thereafter maintain by enjoying one drink daily for best results. You may feel satisfied by the first evening, or it may even take a few days before you notice a boost in milk supply.