Baby Food Starter Pack 4


Value Pack

Stage 4:  Might Meat

Appropriate for 8 months old and up

Baby’s food is prepared as naturally as if you were doing it yourself in your kitchen. Prepped, steamed/cooked, puréed, packaged, and in the freezer to ensure maximum nutritional value.

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Pack includes 39 tubs:

3 x Pumpkin Pie

3 x Blueberry Brekkie

3 x Strawberry Divine

3 x Basil Chicken

3 x Garlic Beef

3 x Rosemary Lamb

3 x Carrot & Green Bean

3 x Spinach & Butternut

3 x Beetroot Apple & Sweet Potato

3 x  Cauliflower & Pumpkin

3 x Beetroot, Apple & Berries

3 x Apple & Carrots

3x Apple & Plum Summer Medley


Approved by our Certified infant nutritionist


Approved by our Certified infant nutritionist

No added sugar, preservatives or salts 


Heating Instructions

Defrost, warm in your preferred method

Can stay frozen for up to 1 month


We highly recommend that you collect this item from our freezer in studio as the item may defrost if delivered by the courier due to delivery schedules.