Baby Food Starter Pack 3


Value Pack

Stage 3:  Fruit & Veg Blends!

Appropriate for 7 months old and up

Baby’s food is prepared as naturally as if you were doing it yourself in your kitchen. Prepped, steamed/cooked, puréed, packaged, and in the freezer to ensure maximum nutritional value.

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Pack includes  30 tubs:  (vegan)

2 x Carrot & Sweet Potato

2 x Carrot & Green Bean

2 x Spinach & Butternut

2 x Baby Marrow Sweet Potato Apple

2 x Beetroot Apple & Sweet Potato

2 x Cauliflower & Pumpkin

2 x Broccoli & Sweet Potato

2 x Apple & Butternut

2 x Apple & Banana

2 x Apple & Pear

2 x Pumpkin Pie

2 x Strawberry Apple & Pear

2 x Smoothie (Apple, Butternut with 1 seasonal fruit & 1 berry)

2 x Blueberry Apple Sweet Potato

2 X  Apple & Blueberry


Approved by our Certified infant nutritionist

No added sugar, preservatives or salts 


Heating Instructions

Defrost, warm in your preferred method

Can stay frozen for up to 1 month


We highly recommend that you collect this item from our freezer in studio as the item may defrost if delivered by the courier due to delivery schedules.